Bunny Sessions

Bunny Sessions are Back!

It has been a long time since I offered these.

I am opening up one day for live bunny sessions.

There are only limited spots available so book early!


The pictures in the post are from previous years. The bunnies we will be using this year are tiny and white with gray noses and ears.

I haven't chosen all of my sets yet but two of the sets will be the pink door drop and my fairy set. (Please note: if you choose the fairy set it does not include the fine art edits with wings and butterflies)

I will post pictures of the sets later.


I have adorable dresses and bibs available if you would like to use them or feel free to dress your child in their own Spring attire.

If you would like to add on an additional 15 minutes to your session and an extra backdrop choice you may do so for an additional $50. (single families only) This does not include extra files but you may purchase additional files on top of the five files that are included with your session fee.

I can't stress enough, these will fill up fast and I am only offering them the one day!!!


Please send all inquiries about the bunny sessions by clicking on the link below.